By using the therapeutic services of Tina Cuypers, you expressly agree to the conditions below. If you do not agree, please cancel your appointment.

Online Therapy

Therapeutic sessions take place online without exception via Whereby or Zoom . For online EMDR I use Remote EMDR using auditory and visual stimuli. All these tools work optimally on a laptop or a large tablet.

Tina Cuypers is not responsible for technical or ICT problems on your side. If these problems are so severe that the session cannot start or contineu, it will still be charged.


Tina Cuypers collects and processes personal data of clients for contact and billing purposes. At the express request of the client, these can also be used to prepare reports for other health care entities or insurance companies.

As a clinical psychologist, Tina Cuypers is also obliged to keep a patient file for each client in which, among other things, personal data of the client and his general practitioner, a characterization and the history of the client and any referrals are kept.

Tina Cuypers is bound by professional secrecy and may not discuss her clients with third parties without the client’s express written consent. There are a number of exceptions to this. Tina Cuypers is allowed to discuss client in a non-identifying fashion in professional contexts such as supervision, intervision and training. Tina Cuypers is allowed to discuss clients in an identifying fashio in the context of legal disagreements or when there is a clear and direct risk of harm to the client or others.

Tina Cuypers stores this data for up to ten years after the end of the therapeutic contact. The client has the right to request this information or to have it adjusted.

Payment Terms

Payment for a session must be made at the latest before the start of the next scheduled session or 30 days after the last session.

The client receives the necessary information to make an online payment. Payment can also be made via Payconiq at the end of the session or by bank transfer.

The client can cancel a session without consequence up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time. If a session is canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time, it will still be charged.


The client has the right to submit a complaint to the Belgian Commission of Psychologists. In order to be declared admissible, the client must be able to demonstrate that Tina Cuypers has violated her code of ethics.