EMDR is a technique specifically developed to integrate and process traumatic experiences. At its core, EMDR helps your brain and body unlearn lessons from the past and develop more helpful beliefs and reactions in the present.

‘Trauma’ can be about big things, but that is not always true. Even small events can leave a deep impression. It can even be the result of events that seem to be positive at first glance. All that matters is this: the past has a negative impact on how you live today. We work with the past to have an impact on the present. Traumatic experiences are often a contributing factor to many other problems, such as phobias, social or existential anxiety, burn-out, depression, complicated grief, addiction and somatic disorders. I’m open to working with EMDR if you suffer from any of these conditions and suspect there may be something involved that could be considered traumatic.

EMDR is a good option if you find yourself emotionally stuck in the past, especially if you rationally know that this is no longer necessary.


You can also contact me if you are not necessarily struggling with trauma. I also work with people who feel overwhelmed by life and find they don’t have the resources to deal with it and with people who struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression and burnout.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, trained in an integrative approach. That means that I use different therapeutic techniques and together with you I look for the technique that is the most impactful for you. For some problems there are known solutions, for some we have to find them ourselves through trial and error.

I cannot specialize in everything. For some problems, such as addiction, ADHD, autism, personality disorders, generalized anxiety and panic disorders, you’re better off consulting a specialist. I also consciously choose to only work with adult individuals. If you are a minor or are looking for a relationship or family psychologist, I’m not the right fit for you.