II am a licensed clinical psychologist, trained in an integrative approach. This means that I use a multitude of therapeutic techniques. Together we will find the approach that is the most beneficial to you. In general, I use use a very practical approach that focuses on the here and now. We will also explore your past if it seems appropriate.

To start, we need to get a clear picture of what your life is like at the moment. You can only move forward if you can acknowledge what is blocking you right now. You also need to know where you want to go, not just what you want to get away from. Together we create a vision of what it means for you to live a rich and meaningful life. For some problems there are tried and tested solutions, for some we have to find them ourselves through trial and error. I can offer you a large number of techniques to experiment with and know where I can find more if needed.


I am also trained in EMDR, a technique specifically developed to integrate and process traumatic experiences. 

‘Trauma’ can be about big things, but that doesn’t need to be true. Even small events can leave a deep impression. It can even be about events that are positive at first glance. All that matters is this: the past negatively affects how you live today. We work with the past to have an impact on the present.